Private Label Fragrances

A small selection of our range of high quality Private Label Fragrances that can be used in most of our private label hair and skincare products. They have been carefully formulated and tested to be stable and long lasting.


Private Label Fragrances


AppleGreen Tea & LemonPeach
Chamomile & HoneyJapanese PlumPineapple & Coconut
Cherry BlossomMangoSweet Lemon
CitronMixed BerriesSweet Orange
CitrusNatural CoconutSweet Pear
CucumberOatmeal Milk & Honey
Cucumber & MelonOrange Blossom


Aloe VeraLavender WoodsRose & Neroli
Cedar Wood & MintLemon VerbenaWater Lily
English RoseLilac
FragipaniLilly of the Valley

For Men

BergamotCubanSandalwood & Saffron
CedarwoodLog FireWoodlands
Cedarwood & LimeSandalwood & Cedarwood


Developed to be a similar to some of the best know designer fragrances.

Bamboo (Gucci)Guilty (Gucci)CK1 (Calvin Klein)L’Sport Homme (YSL)
Chance (Chanel)J’Adore (Dior)Fierce (Abercrombie & Fitch)Lite Blue (Dolce & Gabbana)
CK1 (Calvin Klein)Lite Blue (Dolce & Gabbana)Guilty (Gucci)One Million (Paco Robanne)
Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel)Neroli Portofino (Tom Ford)Indulge (Gucci)Orange (Hugo Boss)
Daisy (Marc Jacobs)One Million (Paco Robanne)Invictus (Paco Robanne)SoCal (Hollister)
Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf)Tobacco Vanille (Tom Ford)L’Homme (YSL)Tuscany Leather (Tom Ford)

Essential Oils

Extracted from flowers and plants by pressing or distillation, these are our most natural fragrances.

Aloe veraCoriander SeedLemonPetitgrain
AniseedCumin SeedLemon MyrtlePimento Berry
Bay leafDillLimeRavensara
Benzoin ResinElemiLitseaRoasted Coffee
Black PepperFennelMarjoramRosewood
CadeFir NeedleMay ChangRose
Carrot SeedGeraniumMyrrSpearmint
CedarwoodGingerNeroli LightTangerine
ChamomileGrapefruitNiaouliTea Tree
Chilli SeedHo LeafNutmegThyme
CinamonHo WoodOrangeVetiver
CitronellaJasmineOreganoViolet Leaf
Clary SageJuniper BerryPatchouliYlang Ylang
Clove BudLavenderPeppermint


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